Divanee Writer Guidelines

Writer Guidelines
Divanee Magazine focuses on topics of interest to young North America Desi Women. Articles cover the following range of topics: Fashion, Beauty, Health, Recipes, Well-Being, Relationships, Marriage, Politics, Culture, Book Reviews, Movie/Music Review

We are looking for journalistic submissions from established and aspiring writers (preferably with some journalism experience) for our PREMIER online issue. We are also in need of editors. Articles word counts range from 500-1500 words. We are looking for writers to write for the sections above. If you are interested in writing for one of the sections, please email your resume and writing sample to miral@divanee.com. If there is a particular article that you would like to write about that is not already covered in one of our sections, then state this in the subject of your email.

Feature Articles
Feature articles usually run around 1500 characters. However we can be flexible with the word count.

Writing Style
The main point of your article should be stated within the first 2-3 paragraphs. Define all acronyms. Attribute all quotes, including a person’s name, title, and company. All product and vendor mentions should include full vendor identification on first reference, along with the city and state in which it is located. Some women may not want to be identified, in that case they may remain anonymous.

Author Biographies
Authors’ names and professional affiliations are noted at the end of the article. This brief biography must accompany each submission. In the biography, include the author’s name, title, company (or organization), and company’s (or organization’s) full address

Editorial Points & Ownership
Your text will be edited for grammar, style, and consistency. At Divanee Magazine, we generally edit all authors heavily to achieve the ease of readability.. The author retains first rights to the work. Divanee Magazine retains rights to the designed piece as it appears in the magazine. Permission to reprint is given freely, as long as the author and Divanee Magazine are credited.

Interesting, dynamic, color graphics increase an article’s ability to capture the reader’s attention and make your story more readily understood. Articles that might require graphics are food recipes, movie reviews, book reviews, makeup application advice.

Payment for Articles
At this time, Divanee Magazine does not pay for printed articles. We welcome your contributions as a mutually beneficial endeavor.

If you have any questions, please email sabrina@divanee.com