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Oprah Chai

Oprah Brings Chai Tea to Starbucks and Teavana

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You know something is going to officially go mainstream when Oprah gets behind it.

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Journalist Joya Dass’ New Documentary Sheds Light On Blindness in India

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NY 1 anchor and AVS host Joya Dass follows the journey of three blind children in India in her new documentary, “First Sight.”

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Natural Remedies: Did you Know Sandalwood Defrizzes Hair?

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Sandalwood has been known to be used for beautifying and treating skin, but did you know about its other uses?

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Our Chutney Guide

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Chips without salsa, cereal without milk, a meal without chutney, makes a South Asian dish incomplete.

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Story of Inspiration – The Incredible Story of Harshada Rajani

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Harshada Rajani is a 27-year-old North Carolina native. She graduated from Duke University in 2007 and began medical school at her alma mater immediately thereafter. On November 29, 2008, Harshada suffered a vertebral artery dissection leading to a bilateral brainstem (pontine) stroke.

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Hibiscus Tea

July 4th Summer Cooler Recipe: Iced Ginger Honey Hibiscus Tea

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Happy 4th of July! Looking for a nice summery refreshing tea treat to cool off on your day off? Why not try out our summer cooler recipe.

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Chai tea

Benefits of Tea

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As South Asians, we cannot seem to fathom a world in which chai time ceases to exist, and lucky you it might be one of the secrets to your good health. Teas have been shown to help lower risks heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and cholesterol.

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Meet the Indian Version of Dr. Oz

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India has its own version of “The Dr. Oz Show.” It’s called “All Is Well” and debuted in April.

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Pakistani Chef Wins Food Network’s Chopped

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When most South Asian kids are encouraged to be doctors, lawyers, or engineers, Fatima Ali decided to apply to culinary school instead.

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Chicken skewers

Acid Reflux: Get Better with Lifestyle and Dietary Changes

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Post-meal heartburn, stomach pains, an unpleasant sour taste in your mouth. These symptoms may seem unsettling for a bit and then be forgotten, but acid reflux is common among South Asians, and you may be suffering from it without even knowing it.

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