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Oprah Chai

Oprah Brings Chai Tea to Starbucks and Teavana

This post is in: Food & Recipes, Health, News

You know something is going to officially go mainstream when Oprah gets behind it.

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A Shaan Masala International Drug Ring

This post is in: News

A Pakistani international gang of smugglers just got busted for orchestrating one of the UK’s largest drug ring. The drugs, imported from Pakistan and concealed in vegetables and bed linens, were intended to flood the UK market.

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Movie Review: Reluctant Fundamentalist

This post is in: Music and Arts

Adapted from Mohsin Hamid’s award-winning 2007 novel, The Reluctant Fundamentalist hit NYC theatres last Friday.

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Malala Yousufzal

Malala Yousufzal Speaks Publicly for the First Time Since Taliban Attack

This post is in: Religion & Politics

Malala Yousufzal speaks for the first time since being shot by the Taliban in the head for promoting womens’ education.

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Neil Patrick Harris + Bollywood

Neil Patrick Harris Dreams Bollywood

This post is in: Entertainment, Music and Arts

Neil Patrick Harris + Bollywood + Puppet dreams? It doesn’t get better than this

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Padma Lakshmi Playboy

Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi Poses for PlayBoy – Photoshopped?

This post is in: Entertainment

Well, it was bound to happen. Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi poses for the December issue of PlayBoy. 

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Diwali Gift Fair

We’re Co-hosting the Diwali Gift Fair this Weekend

This post is in: Arts & Culture, Events

The Diwali Gift Fair will be the first its kind in the Tri-state area.

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Search for Missing Northwestern Studen Harsha Maddula Continues

This post is in: News

Northwestern University officials say the FBI is now involved in the search for missing pre-med student Harsha Maddula.

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Giveaway: Ticket2Bollywood Event

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We’re so excited for Ticket2Bollywood! Not only can you network but you will also have a chance to meet the Bollywood change makers.

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Watch: Priyanka Choptra’s NFL Debut

International singer-songwriter Priyanka Chopra debuted her single “In My City” on the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football.

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