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About Divanee.com

Divanee.com is the leading voice for South Asian lifestyle, news and entertainment online. Divanee means ‘passionate’ and ‘crazy.’ As divanees we are passionate about what we do. We found it fitting, because Divanee.com is about finding a place, being irreverent, and battling outdated cultural notions and ideas. It’s about not falling victim to age-old traditions like the need to be married by a certain age or picking a certain profession just because of your gender. We don’t think “I can’t do this because I’m a woman.” We just do.

As an award-winning, fast-growing online media source, Divanee has been recognized by companies such as TIME, AOL, NBC, American Express and PBSFrontline, as well as cited by WSJ, Vogue India, Gawker, Huffington Post and Popeater.com, among media outlets. Since its official relaunch in September 2010, Divanee has garnered a vast audience across the globe and was presented with a New America Ethnic Media Award in 2011.

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Our Team:

Founder & Publisher – Miral Sattar
Founder Miral Sattar

Miral Sattar relaunched Divanee in 2010. Ms. Sattar loves new media and has worked in the media industry for 10 years.  Her mission is simple – to innovate the publishing industry with technology. Ms. Sattar is a contributor for TIME and teaches entrepreneurial journalism sessions at CUNY from time to time. Ms. Sattar has contributed to Metro and Jane Magazine. Ms. Sattar is a 2000 graduate of Columbia University’s school of  Engineering and Applied Science and graduate from NYU with a M.S. in Digital Media. You can catch her on Twitter @miralsattar or via email miral at weddings dot divanee.com.

Entertainment Editor – Janelle Li-A-Ping

Janelle Li-A-Ping is a rising senior at Northwestern majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Media Studies & Film. She writes for the student-run, quarterly publication North By Northwestern, The Northwestern Fitness and Recreation Magazine, as well as the Northwestern News Network. She’s currently interning at the Onion’s A.V. Club in their video and web production departments. Janelle also runs for Northwestern’s Varsity Women’s Cross Country Team. She is originally from Queens, NY and her family is from Guyana.

Contributing Editor – Sabrina Siddiqui

Sabrina Siddiqui has a wide range of experience in both print and digital journalism.  She previously served as a contributing writer to BusinessWeek, where she wrote features for BusinessWeek.com and assisted with the books Fast Track: The Best B-Schools and Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital. She also contributed to the 2009 book Gulf Capital and Islamic Finance: The Rise of the New Global Players.

As a result of her desire to provide South Asians across the globe with access to news, media and entertainment, Ms. Siddiqui has served as a Washington, DC correspondent to The South Asian Times and been a part of Divanee since its inception. Ms. Siddiqui is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. She is currently a reporter in the White House press pool for Bloomberg News. You can follow her occasional musings on the meaning of life and the weekend whereabouts of the President on Twitter @SabrinaSiddiqui. Contact Sabrina by emailing sabrina at divanee dot com.


Contributing Editor – Amina ElahiAmina Elahi

Generally speaking, Amina Elahi is an accomplished individual. She graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in 2010. During college, she contributed to North by Northwestern, a student-run quarterly print magazine, as a writer and features editor. She served as design editor of Al Bayan for three years and editor-in-chief for two. Ms. Elahi has held internships at Pioneer Press, Café Magazine and Popular Science. Karachi-born and Chicago-raised, she now works as an assistant media planner at Draftfcb in Chicago.

On paper, she sounds pretty alright. But look a little closer and the truth comes out. Not only is Ms. Elahi incredibly accident prone (during her first month at Draftfcb, she had a terrifyingly embarrassing incident involving a chocolate-covered raisin) but she is also hopelessly addicted to technology. Twitter (@aminamania), Tumblr (aminamania.tumblr.com) and texting (I’m not giving you my number!) occupy a huge chunk of her waking hours. One can only hope that with time and maturity, such habits will subside. Email her at amina at divanee dot com.


Associate Editor – Sabeen AhmadContent Editor Sabeen Ahmad

Sabeen H. Ahmad has over ten years of experience as an editor and writer for several print and online publications. She was the front-page columnist of the Life Section of New York State’s oldest newspaper, The Poughkeepsie Journal, as well as a cover-story journalist for an international print magazine showcasing social, economic, and political issues in the South Asian American community and abroad.

A former medical student, Ms. Ahmad is a Social Media Manager at the internationally known digital agency, iCrossing, as well as an editor and writer for Divanee. Formerly, she was the New Media Director at Brodie Collins Consulting, a communications and fundraising firm based in Washington, DC, where she provided counsel to Think Tanks, NGO’s and nonprofit organizations, and also developed new media training programs, and conducted seminars for Columbia University’s School of Continuing Education and SAALT’s National South Asian Summit.

Ms. Ahmad is a graduate of Smith College in Northampton, MA.

Check in with Sabeen via twitter: @sabean21 and her blog: Lafz (لفظ). Have an event you’d like to showcase? Contact Sabeen at sabeen at divanee dot com.



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Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital