New Trailer Released for Mira Nair’s “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”

mira nair the reluctant fundamentalis

The Guardian

Director Mira Nair’s much-awaited global thriller, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” is finally hitting theaters after becoming a hit on the festival circuit. 

The film, which revolves around a young Pakistani torn between Islamic radicalism and American capitalism in a post-9/11 world, opened the International Vienna Film Festival, and was also selected for the Toronto International Film Festival. According to Nair, the films aims to eschew over-simplistic notions about American and Pakistanis.

Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid’s, who wrote the award-winning book of the same title the film is based on, told the Hollywood Reporter, “We [the filmmaking team] all feel that part of our job was to re-complicate what has been simplified and to show complexity in a story – in which one person is neither right nor wrong.”

Trishna‘s Riz Ahmed stars as Changez, a Pakistani man living the American dream in New York City with a plum Wall Street gig and a gorgeous girlfriend, played by Kate Hudson. But when 9/11 hits, he suddenly finds himself alienated in his adopted country. Liev Schreiber and 24′s Kiefer Sutherland also star in the film, which hits theaters on April 26th. Check it out!

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