Young Afghan Graffiti Artist Makes Her Mark in Mumbai

Malina Suliman Graffiti

Green Prophet

A 23-year-old Afghan graffiti artist has taken her popular work to the streets of Mumbai after receiving threats from the Taliban. For months, Malina Suliman painted on nearby rocks and the city walls of Kandahar with the graffiti of a skeleton wearing a burka as well one depicting an Afghan entangled between an American tie knotted to a Taliban-style turban.

While she’s eluded the Taliban for quite sometime, recent threats to her and her family’s safety over her alleged anti-islamic works have forced Malina to seek refuge in India.

When asked why she turned to graffiti to express herself, Malina said, “To paint at home would not have served any purpose. I wanted to send a message to the girls in my situation to have no fear and to express themselves in public.” Her courage has recently sparked international conversation, prompting an invitation to the presidential palace in Kabul, where she was able to display her artistic talent.

Although she has finally received national recognition in Afghanistan, she admitted she would like to stay in Mumbai. “When I see boys and girls working together as a team here I feel elated,” Malina said. We need that kind of freedom in Afghanistan.”

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