Priyanka Chopra Releases Much Anticipated Video For “In My City”

priyanka chopra

India Today

After several months of eager anticipation, the wait for Priyanka Chopra’s debut music video is finally over. The international actress, and now singer, unveiled the video for “In My City” on Tuesday in Mumbai.

Her debut pop single, which was released on September 13th, was an instant success on the music circuit and even featured on this year’s first Thursday Night Football game. Chopra collaborated with Black Eyed Peas megastar to make the song a global sensation and a triple platinum hit.

Despite going semi-viral online, and even garnering the attention of MTV, Chopra’s new video has also brought on harsh criticism by Indian media outlets claiming she sold out. A review by the Hindustan Times criticized her lack of “Indianness,” and went so far as to call her a Rihanna wannabe.

Chopra has long claimed, however, that this video would be an ode to Bollywood. “I wanted that the identity of the song should be Indian. I am very India-proud,” Chopra said in the video unveiling on Tuesday. “When people see my video, they must feel that Bollywood is like this.”

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