Seth Rogen To Join “The Mindy Project”

seth rogen and mindy kaling

The Knocked Up star will be joining an already star-studded cast for at least two episodes this season. Writer, director, and actress Mindy Kaling announced that Rogen would be guest starring on The Mindy Project during the 2013 Winter TV Press Tour, where she confessed, “One of the nice things about not having a serious boyfriend on the show is that we get to have lots of people pop in for an episode or two, which is good!”

This isn’t the first time the two have collaborated on a project to produce sheer comedic brilliance. Kaling made a cameo in Rogen’s hilarious, summer comedy The End of The World where she plays herself and gets killed in the apocalypse.

“It was really fun spending time with him,” Kaling said. “I think he’s a great writer.” Rogen will reportedly play Kaling’s first kiss who she meets at Jewish summer camp in an upcoming episode.