Indian Immigrant Shoved In Front of NYC Train In Hate Crime Remembered For “Quiet Strength”

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sunando sen

NY Daily News

Sunando Sen, who was pushed in front of a No. 7 train, is being remembered by family and friends as an Indian ‘Gregory Peck.’ An émigré from Calcutta, Sen had been working on a Ph.D. in economics at Columbia University, but dropped out to run New Amsterdam Printing Co. to make ends meet.

Sen was pushed onto the train tracks by a young, mentally disabled woman who told cops, “I pushed a Muslim off the train tracks because I hate Hindus and Muslims — ever since 2001 when they put down the twin towers, I’ve been beating them up.”

The 46-year old’s friends and family remembered his quiet strength and kindness in a small funeral before his cremation on Monday. The young woman who pushed Sen to his death is being charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime.