DhoomBros dance their way with Gangnam style

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Dhoom Brothers Gangnam Styles

The DhoomBros strike again, but this time with Gangnam style. The three brothers strut down the streets of New York, singing and dancing to their Desi version of the number one hit song.

Rolling their arms and turning light bulbs, these brothers add some bhangra flair to the famous dance steps. Not only do we see Punjabi influence in their dance moves, but also in the lyrics. The DhoomBros chant in English and Urdu about their everyday Desi American lives consisting of waking up to their mother’s voice, going to school, and greeting their grandfather.

And just like in some Desi families, one brother receives a hardy slap as he rebels against his daily duties. The DhoomBros sing repeatedly how they get mara and pita by their family, culminating up to the climax of the song: “Ye he Desi style!”

In the midst of brick walls, shalwar kameez and endless dancng, these boys remind us of the remnants of their Desi culture and how they continue to sing their way through the best of both worlds.