Son of Hindu Pakistani Shoemaker gets Awarded 500,000 Rupees for Acing Exams

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Revtash Kumar

If you’re Revtash Kumar, it’s your lucky week. Kumar, the son of a Hindu shoemaker in a predominantly Muslim Pakistan, was forced to drop out of school despite scoring the top score in the country for his matriculation exams (tenth grade).

Kumar balanced school with helping his father making and mending shoes in his village of Rahim Yar Khan in southern Punjab. Kumar’s dreams of becoming a doctor were shattered when his father, who earns between Rs. 100-150 rupees a day (less than $2), couldn’t afford to pay for his education. Kumar’s father appealed to the Pakistan government for aid and Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf announced that the government will cover all of his expenses and a cash award of Rs.500,000 ($5000).

Kumar really did burn the midnight oil. He worked during the day to help support his family, and at night after the worshop closed, he’d spend four hours studying.

Check out the video of Revtash Kumar’s interview with Pakistani daily newspaper The Express Tribune.

It’s refreshing to see the Pakistani government aiding a star student, especially in a country where religious minorities are often discriminated against.