Our Chutney Guide

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Chips without salsa, cereal without milk, a meal without chutney, makes a South Asian dish incomplete. Chutneys are more than condiments and often define different South Asian regions and their specialties. A great way to bring together parts of the food pyramid, chutneys are made of fruits, spices, herbs, and vegetables. They can be spicy, sweet, sour and/or a mix of all three! The texture can be jelly-like, smooth, or chunky.

Here’s our chutney guide:

Spicy Chutney. Usually compliments curried meats and vegetable dishes.

Tip: Add a little bit of extra red chili pepper with mint and/or cilantro, to any mix and you can make a sweet or sour chutney have an extra kick.

Sweet Chutney. Great to add to toast or other breaded items for a pre- or post- meal snack.

Tip: Add a few chutneys ranging from sweet, sour, to spicy with a dish of kababs or potato cutlets for a appetizer snack before a meal.

Sour Chutney. An after meal treat, sour chutney can cleanse your palate after a spicy entrée for a dinner and a sweet treat for dessert. Tip: Is a snack too pungent for you, dip it in some tamarind sauce, and it will soften up the flavors.