Singles Shut Out of Banglalore’s Rental Market

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It doesn’t matter if you’re an IVY League grad or making more money then your peers. If you’re young and single, you’re shunned from renting apartments in Bangalore.

Excerpt from NYTime’s India Ink:

In this teeming, lively city of nearly 10 million residents, the bias against single renters is out in the open. It is a traditional side to India’s most cosmopolitan city.

In the past few years, Bangalore has turned into a job hunters’ heaven. A multitude of singles have been invading this city to study or find jobs. The city, once called a laid-back pensioners’ paradise, is a fast-growing, rapidly changing metropolis.

The housing struggle sets off the young and newly arrived against the older and conservative home-owning generation. In some ways, it is an expression of disdain for the young, single lifestyle in India.