Hilarious! Indian Spider-Man Shows Ashton Kutcher

Brown Spider Man

Last you Hasan Manji, he was smacking down on Ashton Kutcher for his racist PopChips ad. His YouTube video got close to 150,000 views.

He’s back as “Indian Spider-Man” in this hilarious video produced by Goat Face Comedy. It even stars “Glee’s” very own Iqbal Theba.

Our favorite scene:
Overbearing other: Why are you dressed like that?
Indian Spider-Man: Mom, I’m Spider Man.
Overbearing mother: Why can’t you be a cobra man?
Indian Spider- Man: Because I wasn’t bit by a radioactive cobra!
Stereotypical father: I wish you were bit by a radioactive lawyer.
Obnoxious brother: Lawyers and cobras. Same thing.

What was your favorite line?