Interview with the Author of ‘The Moslems are Coming’

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The Moslems are Coming

Sarah Khan interviews Al Jazeera journalist and author of “The Moslems are Coming” for the NYTimes.

It’s the kind of book cover guaranteed to generate stares when pulled out in public: the title, “The Moslems are Coming: Encounters with a Desktop Terrorist,” is emblazoned above a menacing image of a man brandishing a firearm, but a closer inspection shows a USB flash drive sticking out of it.

It’s a provocative image, but that’s precisely the point. Azad Essa’s book is nothing if not irreverent, politically incorrect and defiantly subversive, not to mention hilarious. Unemployment, the 2010 World Cup, climate change, Somali refugees, Bollywood, racism — everything is fair game, and hardly anything escapes the scrutiny of the Al Jazeera journalist’s scathing worldview.