Meet the Pakistani Marilyn Monroe

Photo Courtesy of Salman Jillani/Hosh media

In case you missed it, Pakistani newspaper Dawn interviews Summaiya Jillani, the artist behind the Pakistani Marilyn Monroe.

Excerpt from Sahar Ghazi of Hosh Media interview below:

Hosh Media: How would you describe the Marilyn piece titled,‘Baar baar dekho, hazaar baar dekho’?
SJ: I don’t want to sound pompous about my work, so I will simply quote what other people have been saying about it. For those who are aware of art, it is like a new Pakistani Warhol. Elders love it because its taking them back to their times, while young kids love it for its vibrancy. Mature youngsters are all for it because of its witty sensuality. And I love it for being universally attractive.

Read the rest on Dawn News.