Ever Wonder Why Indians Rule the Motel Industry?

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Indian Motel Owner

Did you know that nearly half the motels in the US are owned by Indians? Aarti Virani of the WSJ breaks it down in her Q&A with Pawan Dhingra, author of Life Behind the Lobby.

Excerpts from the WSJ piece.

<blockquote>In tracing the daily lives of Indian American moteliers, Mr. Dhingra discovered a world brimming with long hours, low wages and an intense dependence on the family network.</blockquote>

<blockquote>WSJ: What sparked your interest in this particular demographic?

Mr. Dhingra: At first, I was caught by the numbers of it all: 40% of all motels in the United States are owned by Indians. After initial conversations with motel owners, I realized there was a lot more to learn: how they got started, how they afford motels, what happens to their children. There are so many layers, it becomes fascinating. I wouldn’t have pursued this project because of the numbers alone, but they were a key part of why I got started.</blockquote>

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