U.S. Cancels Pakistani Sesame Street, CIA Drone Strikes Up in Pakistan | June 4 – 8, 2012

In India, dal is increasingly coming from abroad. (Photo: Jasleen Kaur)

In India, dal is increasingly coming from abroad. (Photo: Jasleen Kaur)

Life moves fast. News moves faster. India’s dal supply is being outsourced, and its government hopes infrastructure building will boost the economy. Also, a drone strike took out al Qaeda’s second in command in Pakistan.

Bye Bye, Big Bird. Reports of misused funds in Lahore led the United States to cease funding the development of a Pakistani version of children’s show Sesame Street, to be called Sim Sim Hamara. The $20 million slated for the project were instead allegedly used to pay off debts and hire relatives. (TIME NewsFeed)

Dal Differences. Lentils are a staple food in most Indian cuisines, but more and more, dal from places such as Tanzania, Kenya and Canada is making its way onto Indian tables. Meanwhile, India’s wheat production is booming–likely because its government purchases huge amounts of wheat and rice, but not lentils and beans. (India Ink)

Greenlit. The increase in CIA drone strikes in Pakistan over the past few weeks is a result of President Obama’s frustration with Islamabad. While Western expectations of militant crackdowns remain unmet, the LA Times reports, “the administration’s attitude is, ‘What do we have to lose?’” (LA Times)

Building Up India. With its economy lagging, India looks to new infrastructure projects for a jump start. Plans for projects costing $1 trillion over the next five years would require outside investment, with the goal of building new roads, airports and ports across India. (BBC News)

Two Down. U.S. officials confirmed Tuesday that a drone strike in Waziristan took out al Qaeda’s number two, Abu Yahya al-Libi. The Libyan, who broke free from U.S. custody seven years ago in Afghanistan, took the organization’s helm after the death of Osama bin Laden last spring. (The Washington Post)

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