Weekend Laugh: Ranbir Kapoor Loses His Masculinity in Virgin Mobile Ad

Breaking social boundaries, India goes modern with a recent Virgin Mobile ad.

In the video, the subcontinent steps away from the typical Bollywood pairing as actor Ranbir Kapoor is shown holding a feminine bag, following the wishes of his girlfriend. Kapoor is stripped away from his bros and left alone with a domineering ladki. This image is somewhat humorous, as we’re reminded of the numerous South Asian couples at the mall who make us smile, as we sympathize with the sometimes not-so-macho man.

And that’s not all. The ad reaches its climax when his fellow friends create a false cheating scandal in order to free him from his relationship. Using their phones to help, the friends accomplish their prank-like task and rejoin with Kapoor as bhais for life.

As a commercial, Virgin Mobile goes even further by stepping over the traditional line, ending with the slogan, “Plan banao, STD ghumao,” and we are left startled in our seats.

Coincidence or sick attempt at humor? Watch and decide.

YouTube Preview Image

Medha Imam is an editorial intern at Divanee.com.