Memorial Day Grilling the South Asian Way

Memorial Day is upon us, officially marking the start to the summer grilling season. If you’re enjoying your day off with a cookout, consider working some South Asian recipes–tikkas, tandooris, naans, oh my!–into your menu. Here are some of the best recipes from around the Web to help you with your menu planning.

Grilled Chicken Tikka

Tikkas involve marinated small pieces of meat in yogurt, then baking in a clay tandoor oven. The Western interpretation of this dish simply switches the mode of cooking to grilling, frequently involving skewered chunks of chicken or meat still on the bone. Typically, the chicken needs to be cooked 8-10 minutes per side. To make this recipe healthier, baste with vegetable oil instead of ghee. Don’t forget to serve with lime wedges! Get the full recipe from Scrumpdillyicious.

Easy Tandoori Shrimp

We know, we know–it can’t be a real tandoori meal without, well, a tandoor. But for those of us living abroad, it’s much more likely that we’ll have a grill (maybe of the George Foreman variety) than a clay oven, so we just have to adapt. While The Hot Plate‘s recipe uses tandoori powder and a grill pan, there’s no reason you can’t make your own spice mix (here’s a great recipe) and fire up your outdoor grill if you’d like. Either way, this is a simple way to get tandoori flavors right at home.

Grilled Naan

Naan, how do we love thee? We probably can’t count all the ways. We don’t know about you, but desi bread-making is one of the most daunting culinary tasks we can imagine. That’s why we’re so impressed by this recipe from Serious Eats that looks pretty darn authentic. If you’re too intimidated (or busy!) to try this, feel free to go with a store-bought naan but, remember, it has to be grilled at a very high temperature to attain a charred outside and fluffy inside.

Try these recipes to make your Memorial Day one to remember. Happy eating!

Amina Elahi is’s Managing Editor.