Dunkin’ Donuts to Bring 100 Stores (and Mango-Flavored Donuts) to India

Dunkin Donuts

The coffee wars in India have officially begun. Just months after Starbucks announced plans to launch its first store in India later this fall, Dunkin’ Donuts opened its flagship store in New Delhi with India’s Jubilant Foodwords Ltd.

According to the WSJ, Dunkin’ Donuts plans to open between 80 and 100 stores over the next five years in major shopping malls and centers.

Since doughnuts are not part of the traditional Indian diet, part of the launch plan is to cater to the Indian market with mango-flavored doughnuts and spicy sandwich options. Still, the popular American chain will have its work cut out. Starbucks plans on opening 50 outlets in India by year-end, while Italy’s Lavazza and UK’s Costa Coffee already have 300 stores between them.

There’s been little word on why it took so long to bring Dunkin’ Donuts to India. It’s been a staple among big city crowds in neighbor Pakistan since 2003, even becoming a hot date spot for couples.

What do you think? Will India run on Dunkin’?

Miral Sattar is the founder and publisher of Divanee.com.