Shopping Guide: Four Teapots for Tea Time

By on May 7th, 2012 1 Comment

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As any good South Asian knows, a day without chai is a sad day indeed. Unfortunately, many people do not have the time to concoct that beloved stove-top confection all the time, no matter how quick or easy we try to make it. And for others, tea often means a quick stop at Starbucks or hot water over a teabag in a travel mug.

Chai lover though you may be, you should make space in your cupboard for other teas as well. When you get the chance to enjoy your tea the way you were meant to–leisurely, savoring the complexity of flavors and watching the steam rise from your cup–make sure you present it in a vessel that reflects your style. After all, your eyes deserve a feast as much as your taste buds do. So which are you: colorful, modern, ceramic or glass?

1. Republic of Tea, $99.95 | 2. IKEA, $9.99
3. Crate and Barrel, $89.95 | 4. Bodum, $50

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