Shopping Guide: Gold-Studded Accessories

Size may not matter, but strength certainly does. In my opinion, there’s no better way to add some edge to your look than by incorporating some studs–gold ones, in particular.

During a season increasingly geared toward the soft and feminine by way of pastels and florals, you need a little something to keep you from turning into a walking cloud of cotton candy. Some tasteful metal, heavy or otherwise, goes a long way to cut through the candy-colored haze and show that you’re a woman. You can leave the frilly, the pigtails and the girly to the little ones.

As any starlet will tell you, working with studs is a surefire way to grow up, image-wise. How you choose to use these embellishments, which range from flat to full-on ninja-level spikes, is entirely up to you. You might prefer a gold studded knee-high sock peeking over the top of your boots or a wallet clutch to draw attention to your manicure. Either way, remember that you are the main attraction and your studs–whether in your outfit or on your arm–are there to play a supporting role.

1. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Kylie’ sandal, $249.95 (Nordstrom) | 2. Wallet with gold studs, $59.90 (Zara) | 3. Tory Burch wide resin cuff, $165 (Nordstrom) | 4. House of Harlow pyramid pave wrap ring, $85 (Cusp) | 5. Gold stud knee high socks, $14 (Topshop)

Which gold-studded piece would you like to get your hands on?

Amina Elahi is’s Managing Editor. Check out her blog, where she posts words and images that make her think.