Shopping Guide: Elephant Decor Elements

In a recovering economy, it’s luxuries like traveling that always seem to get cut first. But if you can’t go to India, you can certainly still bring India to you with fresh home decor pieces.

The Indian elephant is a beloved creature, graceful despite its enormity and playful in its demeanor. Like its cousin the African elephant, the subcontinental mammoth (no, not the woolly kind) is also on the brink of extinction.

These gentle giants, who have become emblems of India by working their way into art and culture over the centuries, are not only special–they are beautiful. Whether painted, printed, worn or illuminated, the elephant’s image exudes beauty, strength and heritage. Incorporate an elephant into your decor as a nod to the creature’s cultural value and find yourself whisked away to a far-off place without having to leave your living room.

1. Society6, $22 | 2. Etsy shop EnergyArtistJulia, $48 | 3. 20×200, $24-$2,400
4. Threadless, $20 | Jonathan Adler, $395

Which of these elephants would you place in your home?

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