Got (Coconut) Milk?

They say when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. But what about when it hands you coconut milk? Here’s an idea: ice cream.

Those unfamiliar with this exotic product may have questions about its health value. The first time I came across it, I was confused about how to use it. I should probably drink it, right? It’s milk—it must be good for me!

Well, maybe. Coconut milk has been severely criticized by mainstream media in the past for contributing to high fat and cholesterol. Recent research, however, has shone light on the health benefits of coconuts, which islanders have taken advantage of for years.

Having healthy fats in your diet is not only necessary, it can also help you maintain your figure. That’s right: Not eating enough healthy fats (such as coconut milk) can actually make you fatter. Moreover, coconut has been shown to have anti-bacterial, -viral, and -fungal properties, thus providing you a perfect natural detox. And, in moderation, coconut milk can also contribute to better heart health by preventing diseases that are associated with, and can actually cause an increase in, the chances of having cardiovascular disease.

Do you have extra coconut milk, but not enough for cooking? Use it as a nutrient conditioner massaged onto your scalp and onto dry or wrinkly skin, restoring your body and hair with a healthy glow!

Try this recipe for a fun, delicious coconut milk-based treat:

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