Weekend Laugh: India Would Like You to Bleach Some Special Areas

Who’s the fairest of them all? Staring at her hubby while he reads his newspaper and sips his chai is the typical, filmi portrayal of a newlywed South Asian woman. But according to Clean and Dry, gaping at one’s husband isn’t going to satisfy anyone. What a woman needs is a nice cleanse.

Depressed by the lack of connection between her and her husband, the woman in the latest ad for Clean and Dry Intimate Wash steps into the shower to experience a wash–a very intimate wash. The Clean and Dry Intimate Wash not only cleans one’s body of its dirt, but it also cleans one’s body of its darkness. Now Indian women can walk around knowing that not only are their faces shining with whiteness due to Fair and Lovely, but their privates are also well cleaned and well bleached!

By allowing a woman to always feel fresh and fair, a woman can now tease her husband, and the couple can increase their intimacy. Ooh la la! And that’s exactly what the Indian spouse does in this video. Slipping her husband’s keys into her pants is only one example of confidence that Clean and Dry can evoke. Apparently one can also now jump on a couch and spin into a man’s hunky arms–this product makes all consumers feel self-assured and sexy all because of their new, fair-complexioned private parts! Looks like India’s obsession with fairness hasn’t changed one bit. Can we get a collective groan?

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Medha Imam is an editorial intern at Divanee.com.