Shahrukh Khan Detained in New York Airport, South Asian Tsunami Averted | Apr. 9 – 13, 2012

The location of the earthquakes this week. (Credit:

The location of the earthquakes this week. (Credit:

Life moves fast. News moves faster. A large loan to Bangladesh should help kickstart its economy, the United States sentence a Kashmiri-born man to prison and Pakistan may use coal to address energy issues.

Wave of relief Panic shook South Asia and the Pacific Rim after back-to-back 8.6- and 8.2-mangitude earthquakes struck off the coast of Indonesia Wednesday. Tsunami warnings were issued after each quake for the mainland and island nations of the region. However, the alerts were lifted after the threat of giant waves diminished. (

Cha-ching! Bangladesh is set to receive a $987 million loan, meant to increase its foreign exchange reserves, from the International Monetary Fund. The country’s reserves are down due to the rising cost of oil but the IMF’s loan, the largest ever of its kind, should help offset the losses. (BBC)

Secret agent man Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, the Kashimiri-born American citizen charged with failing to declare his status as an agent of the ISI, was sentenced to two years in prison this week. Fai maintains his innocence and claims the move against him is politically motivated. (

Singled out Usually when a South Asian is detained at an airport, it’s not a matter of international consequence. Not so when the detainee is Shahrukh Khan, who was held in New York until the U.S. Embassy intervened. Now, Indian P.M. Singh has asked his ambassador to the U.S. to bring up the matter with authorities here. (The Telegraph)

Burn, baby, burn Pakistan will look to coal reserves and imports to meet its growing demands for electric power. The energy-strapped nation has a population of 180 million for whom the 175 billion tons of rich oil in northern Sindh could be a necessary resource. (Reuters)

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