Shopping Guide: Spring Scarves

By on April 11th, 2012 49 Comments

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Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who lives in a place where winter gently eased into spring, you probably still need some warm elements in your wardrobe. Scarves are a favorite accessory, partly because they can add an extra layer without bulk but mostly because the really soft ones can feel like a warm hug. Just imagine how much better it is to have your neck caressed by cotton than ravaged by wind.

There’s no doubt scarves are useful in the meteorological gray area that is springtime, when lightweight styles replace the bulky knits of winter. Try working some bright scarves into your everyday wear, whether with a stole style that you can wrap many different ways, or a sleek silk print that can punch up a work outfit.

1. $75 | 2. $12.95 | 3. $365 | 4. $278 | 5. $39.50

Which of these styles would you like to wear?

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