Donald Trump Eyes India with Plans for a Hotel and More

Will Mumbai still join New York, Chicago and Las Vegas as a home to a Trump Tower?

Will Mumbai still join New York, Chicago and Las Vegas as a home to a Trump Tower?

Watch out, Mr. Ambani. Real estate titan Donald Trump has designs on your country. With a residential project already in the works for Mumbai, the Trump Organization is considering providing shelter to, shall we say, short-term residents as well.

Over the next five years, Trump and his property army plan to sign deals in India for several residential and hotel projects in India, which he said is “the biggest push” for his organization, according to Reuters. The populous and economically stratified nation is known for its real estate market–which is tricky on a good day–but it is India above other emerging economies that has Trump’s eye.

According to his son, Trump is near finalization of contracts with Indian developers. Last year, the American businessman joined forces with Rohan Lifescapes to build a luxury residential tower in Mumbai. Trump’s castle will soar 45 stories high, dwarfing the current reigning monolith of the Mumbai skyline, Mukesh Ambani’s hideous, 27-story Antilia. But Trump’s tentative emasculation of Ambani has been on hold for the past nine months, with authorities stopping work due to a lack of necessary permits. In a city known to change real estate rules on a whim, this delay is hardly a surprise.

In addition to Mumbai, Trump wants to expand his hotel and residential empire to Delhi, Bangalore and Goa. He believes the Indian market, starved for luxury, needs a brand like Trump.

Our question: Will he stray from the boring “Trump Tower” name? When in India, do as the Indians do.

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