Eat and Drink Your Way to Better South Asian Skin: Part Three

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The first thing I want to do when I get home from going outside—which obviously requires my go-to powder-and-eyeliner combo—is wash my face. I love the feeling I get after cleaning off all the dirt from outside and freeing my oil-plugged pores. However, I am careful not to dry out my face because I want to preserve the natural oils that are essential for healthy and radiant skin.

Giving your skin a little boost from fatty acids can provide natural protection from “bad” oils and prevent it from drying out or developing blemishes. Omega-3s and Omega-6s keep skin smooth and may help you hang on to your beautiful, youthful look longer. You may have heard of fish oil tablets, and that’s exactly where you want to get these oils from: fish, such as salmon or sardines. Moreover, using olive and canola oils in food preparation can provide similar benefits.

With so many oils to choose from, which should you use to cook? Skip mass-produced, commercial kinds in favor of ones that are higher quality, such as extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Use oils in moderation, and your skin will look fresh and nutrient-filled.

Try incorporating fish and healthy oils into your diet with recipes like this one:

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