Weekend Laugh: It’s Indian G-Pa. Word.

Keeping a beat in her mind, a straight-haired chick bobs her hip hop cap-covering head as she raps and awaits her grandpa to imitate her Nicki Minaj-like sound.

As he raps alongside with his granddaughter, this turban-wearing Nanaji breaks all boundaries. Instead of playing a sitar to the tunes of classical Indian music, G-Pa tries to imitate modern rap, singing “yellow” when he really means Y.O.L.O.–you only live once!

And G-Pa takes this motto to heart. Behind the white beard and wrinkles, we find a committed grandfather who would sit and rap in a different language so he can see his granddaughter smile. When he asks in a thick accent “Oh, vaat you order, fish fillet?” his loving Superwoman can’t help but say awww to his true curiosity and dedication and gives him a big smooch on his cheeks.

So, let’s see. Is G-Pa only cute like his grandchild thinks or does this rappin’ grandpa truly got swag? We say the latter!

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Medha Imam is an editorial intern at Divanee.com.