Bangladesh Slashes Poverty Rates and Makes Plans for a Satellite by 2015 | Mar. 26 – 30, 2012

A Tibetan flag was draped over Jamphel Yeshi's coffin at his funeral Friday. (Photo: Frames-of-Mind/Creative Commons)

A Tibetan flag was draped over Jamphel Yeshi's coffin at his funeral Friday. (Photo: Frames-of-Mind/Creative Commons)

Life moves fast. News moves faster. Talk of hate crimes heats up with the brutal murder of an Iraqi woman in California, civilians step up to fight the Taliban in Pakistan and a self-immolating Tibetan protester wins hearts in India.

#HijabsAndHoodies The killing of 32-year-old Iraqi-born Shaima Alawadi last week is fanning the fires of indignation over hate crimes that ignited with the shooting on Trayvon Martin in February. Alawadi was found unconscious in her home, having been beaten in the head with a tire iron. She was subsequently taken off life support. (TIME NewsFeed)

Slashing Poverty Bangladesh has nearly halved its poverty rate over the past 10 years, in large part due to the NGOs that teach free skills like pottery and garment making to women, which gives them earning power. If this success continues, Bangladesh may be one of the only South Asian nations to successfully meet the Millennium Development Goal of having a poverty rate of less than half by 2015. (Inter Press Service News Agency)

The Final Frontier A satellite may be in Bangladesh’s future, what with a $10 million consultancy deal with American firm Space Partnership International. With SPI taking care of design and production responsibilities, Bangladesh may have access to better telecommunications and meteorological data starting in 2015. (

Manning Up In the void left by the American withdrawal on the Afghanistan side and the lack of Pakistani Army presence on its side of the border, local volunteer militias are stepping up to fight the Taliban. Their knowledge of unmapped and ungoverned regions makes these militias crucial to the military’s efforts. But with militants strengthening their bases across the border, there’s no telling how long these Pakistani civilian units will hold out. (GlobalPost)

Himalayan Hero
Thousands attended the funeral of Tibetan protester Jamphel Yeshi in the hill town of Dharmasala, India, Friday. The 27-year-old exile set himself on fire Monday to protest the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao, who was in New Delhi for a meeting of the BRIC nations. Now, it seems, Yeshi is being hailed a martyr and hero. (AP)

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