Kashmir Clones a Pashmina Goat, Pakistan Bests Bangladesh | Mar. 19 – 23, 2012

A pashmina goat, similar to these, has been cloned in Kashmir. (Photo: Mopop/Creative Commons)

A pashmina goat, similar to these, has been cloned in Kashmir. (Photo: Mopop/Creative Commons)

Life moves fast. News moves faster. Officials announce the United States’ drone program will continue, Sri Lanka to prosecute war criminals and Pakistan-India trade opens up.

Droning On U.S. Ambassador Cameron Munter met with Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar Thursday to discuss the matter of the American drone program. Unfortunately for the Pakistanis, the Ambassador said the U.S. will not revisit its drone stance for the time being. (Economic Times)

New Noori Scientists in Kashmir have successfully cloned a pashmina goat, the first animal of its kind to undergo such treatment, 15years after Dolly the sheep became the world’s first cloned animal. Pashmina products are an $80 million a year industry in that region, so expect more Nooris in the future. (TIME NewsFeed)

Seeking Justice The U.N. Human Rights Council said Thursday that Sri Lanka should bring Sri Lankan troops who committed war crimes to justice. The island nation’s 25-year civil war came to a bloody end in late 2009, during which tens of thousands of civilians were killed. (Reuters)

The Edge of Glory Bangladesh failed to make four runs of the final ball, allowing Pakistan to maintain its two-run lead and take the Asia Cup title in Dhaka. This was Pakistan’s second Asia Cup win, and the closest match in terms of runs in the history of the tournament. (ESPN CricInfo)

Fueling Relations Following its lifting of trade relations with its neighbor, Pakistan is seeking petrol supplies from India. If details are sorted out, tankers may begin transporting petrol across the border as soon as next month. Other products, such as Liquid Natural Gas, may be exported to Pakistan in the future as well. (IBN Live)

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