M.I.A.’s Autobiography Will be the Baddest Release of 2012

M.I.A.'s self-titled autobiography is sure to be eclectic. (Photo: freshngood.com)

M.I.A.'s self-titled autobiography is sure to be eclectic. (Photo: freshngood.com)

Yes, M.I.A. is a singer-songwriter, but with the release of her autobiography she will become a normal non-musical writer as well. The Sri Lankan rapper’s 192-page magnum opus, coming this October, will feature as-yet-unreleased stories collaged with over 300 images. We imagine it will be quite the visual feast.

This “autobiographical monograph” promises to be colorful, if nothing else. M.I.A. made headlines last week when she engaged in tweeted fisticuffs with Anderson Cooper, accusing the sometimes giggly journalist of calling her a terrorist for her views on Sri Lanka’s treatment of Tamils. Cooper refuted her complaints–again, via Twitter–and, eventually, the cat fight died out. We can only hope they cemented the truce by doing some trust falls.

Prior to that brouhaha, M.I.A. pleased the bird-watching segment of the Super Bowl crowd by flashing her middle finger during a halftime performance with Madonna and Nicki Minaj.

M.I.A. burst onto the scene with the hit “Paper Planes,” but we recommend not turning her book into origami. There’s no telling what this self-proclaimed bad girl would do to you.

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