India Behind on Development Goals, Amnesty for Baluchi Leaders | Feb. 20 – 24, 2012

A hungry boy begging in the streets of Agra, India. (Photo: Greg Younger)

A hungry boy begging in the streets of Agra, India. (Photo: Greg Younger)

Life moves fast. News moves faster. Memogate instigator Ijaz Mansoor testified Thursday, scientists discovered a new amphibian species in India and that country’s food prices are plaguing the population.

Maybe Development’s Good The United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals lay out a plan for countries around the world to improve people’s lives through fighting disease and reducing poverty. With three years to meet the 2015 deadline, India may not complete 12 of the 22 goals. [New York Times]

Olive Branch There’s trouble in Pakistan where Baluchistan is concerned, with Baluchi leaders feeling exploited by the federal government and a United States congressman encouraging them to secede. To head off this movement, Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik has offered amnesty to Baluchi leaders abroad. [The Hindu]

Passing Notes Ijaz Mansoor testified Thursday that he wrote the memo that led to former Ambassador Husain Haqqani’s forced resignation last fall. He also said President Asif Ali Zardari had a hand in the scandal and listed a variety of offers they were willing to make the U.S. in exchange for ousting two generals. [The Telegraph]

Squish! Scientists have discovered a new species of amphibian buried in the soil of northeast India’s jungle region. It is believed that the so-called “chikilidae” has existed since the time of dinosaurs. The four-inch-long legless beings, though creepy, are beneficial to their landlords; they churn soil and eat harmful insects. [TIME NewsFeed]

Cutting Back A global poll by Save the Children revealed the food woes that plague India. The report found soaring prices have forced one in three families to cut back on food, for which 20 percent of children have skipped school to help pay. Half of the survey participants cited food prices as being their number one concern. [The Hindu]

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