Pakistan Air Force Introduces iPad Rival: the PAC-PAD 1

By on February 21st, 2012 63 Comments

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Introducing Pakistan's own tablet, the PAC-PAD 1. (Photo: Pakistan Aeronautical Complex)

Introducing Pakistan's own tablet, the PAC-PAD 1. (Photo: Pakistan Aeronautical Complex)

Guess who just entered the tablet wars? The Pakistani air force and Chinese company INNAVTEK are teaming up to bring Pakistanis an iPad knockoff called PAC-PAD 1.

The tablet is being developed at the Kamra air force base in northern Pakistan. This 7-inch touch tablet runs on Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread and weighs a mere 13.5 ounces. And while “PAC” is now associated with the resurgence of super PACs in the 2012 United States elections, this PAC actually stands for the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in Kamra where the device is being made.

The price? A whopping 15,500 rupees–which is approximately just under $200 but a hefty price tag for the region.

Other products by PAC include an eReading device and laptop called PAC eBook1 and PAC nBook 1.

Supporters of PAC-PAD 1 say it will boost Pakistan’s economy, as well as the nation’s self-esteem. We’re not so certain, given the tablet’s high cost in a nation where only a minority can afford it. Not to mention, India recently unveiled their $35 tablet, Aakash, with comparable specs.

Learn more on the PAC Web site.

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  • In10se

    Thats Nice

  • GFS


  • Abstract

    How its Pac-Pad ? Operating system is form google Android, Hardware is from Chines company Innavteck, Process is from intel… What PAF invented or manufactured ? Assembling doesn’t mean development. We assembly toyota in KHI does it mean its Pakistani ??? Stop misleading your people…. we are a nation always happy to take false credits…..

    • Samsonkhan2004

      people like you giving these kind of comments will never let Pakistan grow in technology
      do you think American invented every thing by them self no , 50% of their inventions master mind are from Europe and other countries specially Aircraft engineering
      China coping western technology and developing cell phones, computers of their own, so whats wrong with it if Pakistan doing the same for its people.

      • Iftishah

        You don’t understand the point, don’t you. The amount of money and resources Pakistanies are spending on armed forces are for much better job. They should invent something new Please understand this childish (import then pack with your name and distribute) is something which any company like waves or pel or any saith company can do.

        Yes it would be achievement if PAF says they have build a 3D tablet PC or a Laptop with One month battery charge or something which is much cost effective. The prices they have announced are much more then local market in the world with well know brands. Though I am sure PAF have not paid any duty on the imports as well… because they are exempted.

        Civilians are just being pushed with taxes and no power, no gas but terrorism and bhatta system. Thanks to their coups and our slavery.

        JAAGO please JAAGO. Please in your prayers, in Sure Fateh, pray with meaning specially when you say Siratal Mustaqeem. Thank you.

        May Allah show us the right things and give us the capability to see (truth)beyond what is shown to us. Aameen.

        • Alone_frnd_1

          Lolx you guys are always criticizing the Pakistan defence forces and nothing .. without these forces you civilians are none dont forget that and they are scraficing their lifes for country and you want them to pay taxes ..

        • AR

          I would expect all this from PAF, if they had at least 10s of billions $ in budget and allocated for this project rather than 1-2billion for the whole PAF. Besides if you look at the features of IPAD($500-$700) and Akash($60), PAC PAD($1xx) is the middle point, which justifies the cost. If you are looking for I still think it can be brought down a little bit more. But still its a very good product for the price.
          If you are looking for a Ferrari, go for IPAD, looking for Lexus, go for PAC PAD, but if you can only afford Suzuki, you can get an AKASH.

    • proud to be pakistani

      listen man dont mind but kuch naya banane k lya pehlay use khol kar jorna parta hai take us ki technology parhi ja sake its a first step not last remember it and tumhare jese log hi mayoosi pe biche hain jo hamesha apne watan se mayoos hain or rahen ge aise logon ki zaroorat nahi hai hamare watan ke logon ko

    • Ahmed

      well you know what….you are jealous….this attitude has always stopped pakistan from development….please tell me in a country where cream after completing their education from NUST LUMS FAST GIK IBA leaves the country and settle in abroad what you can invent? please give us a break…development or invention is a step by step process where you always start from assembly….then go for sub assemblies and the you make individual component…at this stage you can actually think of making improving or designing something new….i hope now you can understand what i am saying…..

    • Ahmed

      Please don’t be an asshole…

      • Iftishah

        you are being one by saying that…. you don’t use your brain but use the thing you just mentioned. Please come out of it for the sake of Pakistan. Thanks

  • Malik Hasnat

    When it will be launch in market ?

  • Altafzahid

    Can’t wait to use it. come soon to trade.

  • Moiz

    Only 256MB RAM it might have even pathetic performance then Amazon Kindle Fire

  • Iqbal_herl

    A good news , hope to see these products in the market soon. i have no doubt that we can make such items and can market them in the open world market. God Bless PAF & pakistan.
    Group captain (R) Iqbal Haral

  • Meet4ahsan

    can anybody tell when i will be available in marker?

  • Syed Iftikhar Shah

    Taking things from the world and assembel them is something which hundreds of small companies doing…. Nothing is developed by Airforce (OS, processor, or even the casing) and infact they are not suppose to manufacture things for local market. And who knows these are assambled in china and only packed locally.
    Pakistan is a country where armed forced do things which civilians are suppose to do because they dont let them do it :-) ….. but at the end i appreciate these things land in Pakistan even though through Armed forces. BUT HOPE THEY DONT FORCE DUTIES ON IMPORTING COMPUTERS :-(

  • Mm_ad

    I heard alot of negative comments about if a pakistani or pakistan develops any thing eventhough it is assembled there but whats wrong with that.
    All over the world and most of the countries rely on the other countries that does not mean the country does not have the intelligent people. pakistan have a lot of talent and we just need the right direction and resources.
    thanks and every body shut up and enjoy small little happiness.

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  • Drallahwasaya

    glad to know this

  • Saeed

    Is it available in the market?

  • Masood Khan

    Long live Pakistan ! You have really made us feel proud of being pakistani once again. Who says that we are left behind in the race from the rest of the world.

  • Azfar44

    Well done PAC Kamra. Don’t be disappointed by sadists’ remarks. You’re doing a wonerful job!
    Nothing is manufactured under one roof these days and it would be folly to do that. It’s all assembling and nothing else. If resistors/capacitords/transistors, etc., used in some electronics equipment, are also manufactured in the same factory which’s manufacturing the end product, then it wouldn’t be cost-effective at all; rather it would be simply waste of time., These items can be purchased from any other country (ies) at a much lesser cost.

    I’ve personal experience in this regard. We manufactured various items in this factory (KA & RF) which were much better than the original ones; rather, we made certain valuable innovations too! Pakistan has a lot of potential, excellent technical expertise and highly dedicated and motivated people. Our engineers and technical personnel are second to none!
    Your efforts must continue for the best of the best products.

    KEEP IT UP!!!

    Air Cdre (R) Azfar A Khan,
    Ex-MD Kamra Avionics and Radar Fctory,
    PAC, Kamra, PAKISTAN.

  • Mariumzafar2000

    bought it is awesome

  • Rgg

    it has a very good qulity

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