Prateik Babbar is Here to Stay: Q&A with the “Ekk Deewana Tha” Actor

Prateik Babbar is ready for the next turn in his career. (Photo: Top News)

Prateik Babbar is ready for the next turn in his career. (Photo: Top News)

Ever since his debut in “Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na”, Prateik Babbar has been regarded as one of the new generation’s rising stars with unlimited potential. To this day, the son of Raj Babbar and late actress Smita Patil looked primarily focused on more serious characters, in films such as “Dhobi Ghat” and “Aarakshan”. But now, Babbar is ready to venture into uncharted territory–the romantic musical. The actor took some time to talk to Divanee about this new turn in his upcoming film “Ekk Deewana Tha”, and his hopes for the future!

What can you tell us about the film and your character?
The film is essentially a love story about a boy and a girl, who are complete strangers, and meet in the course of life. They fall in love. It’s very deep and intense. There’s up and downs. It’s not “make-believe”, like we see in Bollywood these days. It’s definitely entertaining and has a vast audience. It’s really real!

[My character] Sachin is a simple, middle-class Maharashtran boy, who is a mechanical engineer, because his father wants him to be one but not because he wants to be one. His real passion and dream is to be a filmmaker. He sets out to make his way through the industry and pursue his dream. His story is about how he chases his dream and falls in love with this girl. Of course, there are complications involved in the romance–and that again shows how real it is. I think the beauty of this love story is how in touch it is with reality.

What is one quality or trait about your character, Sachin, that you wish you had?
I wish I had all his qualities. He makes sure he chases his dream, he makes sure he gets what he needs [and] he makes sure he has his girl by his side. He’s a charming young man. Why would I not like to be that guy?

This is a bit different from some of the other films you’ve done in the past. What about this story and script pulled you in, and what do you normally look for when deciding on a film?
The reality of the story and how beautiful the music is! It’s a remake of a Tamil and Telugu film, so when I saw the original, I was completely blown away. It’s a real romance–it’s not like what you see nowadays where a guy and girl move to America and go on the streets, catch a cab, get lost and then somehow fall in love. That’s cute and entertaining in it’s own way, but not as relatable. Trying to face real life situations, finding your way through your career, and chasing your dreams all while finding love…I could see so many things that I have been through myself. Anybody can be able to connect and relate to it.

Since this is a musical and a new genre for you, was there any special way you had to prepare for this role?
Just dance rehearsal. We practiced and rehearsed a lot of break dancing. In terms of character, the only thing I had to consciously do was use my own life experiences and bring truth to the character of Sachin, to set it apart from the original character played in the original film.

Prateik Babbar stars with Amy Jackson in "Ekk Deewana Tha". (Photo: Fox Star Studios)

Can you tell us your favorite A.R. Rahman track from the film?

What is your ideal future role, or a role from a past film that you loved and would want to reprise? Where do you hope to go from here?
I’m here to stay, for sure. I’m here to keep working. I really love being in front of the camera and being different people and telling a story. I really appreciate it, and I want my work to be appreciated. I would love to play a crazy rockstar like Ranbir Kapoor did in “Rockstar”.

Is there any last thing you would like to tell our readers about the movie? Why should they go see it?
If you’ve been in love, or you are in love and want to be reminded of yourself and see how similar your own story is, go see it. If you are an A.R. Rahman fan, go see it! Go watch it–I promise you’ll really like it. It’s just one of those breathtakingly touching films.

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