Starbucks Invades India, Gilani Pleads for British Support | Jan. 9 – 13, 2012

Ikea bamboo in Starbucks cup planters might soon become a common sight in India. (Photo: Nina Helmer)

Ikea bamboo in Starbucks cup planters might soon become a common sight in India. (Photo: Nina Helmer)

Life moves fast. News moves faster. Polio is on its way to extinction, India prepares to lay the smackdown on social networking sites and a new WiFi mouse bests the competition.

Some Assembly Required The floodgates have opened. India reversed a law barring single-brand retailers from entering India without local partners. This means international businesses like Ikea and Starbucks may soon be setting up shop in the world’s second most populous country. Despite the overturning of the original rule, Wal-Mart is still not eligible to lay down roots in India. [Bloomberg]

Bye Bye Bye A year free of new polio cases came to pass in India at midnight on Jan. 12. For many health professionals the world over, eradicating polio is a top priority and India’s progress is an important milestone. However encouraging this news is, though, experts say Indian parents must continue to immunize their children in order to continue diminishing the prevalence of the disease. [LA Times]

Hot (Or Not?) Line Reports of a “panicky” call from Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani to Britain’s High Commissioner, requesting support for his civilian government, this week implied fear of an army coup. This plea for help came during an investigation into the memogate scandal, in which Pakistan’s former U.S. envoy Husain Haqqani was alleged to have solicited similar support from the Americans. [TIME]

Defriending Facebook China and India have more than a leading world population in common. The South Asian nation is threatening to censor sites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and others if they do not remove “objectionable” content. The court asked these sites to devise a method to identify and remove such content or, Justice Suresh Kait said, ”Like China, we will block all such websites.” [Hindustan Times]

(G)eek! It’s a Mouse! The world’s first WiFi mouse debuted in India, marking the first time a mouse has connected to a PC without a USB connection. HP, who manufactures the mouse, says it has a nine-month battery life–more than twice that of comparable Bluetooth models. The Windows 7 OS compatible mouse will sell for 2,999 rupees. [IBN Live]

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