The Top 10 Most Newsworthy South Asian Moments in 2011

In true Divanee fashion, we thought we would take a moment to zero in on news from South Asia and recap the headlines that made the entire world sit up and notice our small but powerful subcontinent. With everything from sports, politics, cinema and business, South Asia boasted of many head-turning stories this year. Without further ado, we bring you the ten most newsworthy South Asian moments in 2011.

Photo: CricInfo

India’s Epic Cricket World Cup Win: From East to West, Indians in every continent were glued to their televisions on April 2 to witness the national cricket team gloriously defeat Sri Lanka and win the ICC World Cup after 28 years. We will never forget the thrill of seeing Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s magical ‘sixer’ that won India the trophy, and breathing a collective sigh of relief at the conclusion of the most nail-biting final we’ve experienced in a long time.

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