Top 10 Worst Bollywood Films of 2011

While 2011 gave us some of the best and highest grossing Bollywood cinema to date, it also handed us some of the worst movies we’ve seen in recent times. The theme of the year seemed to be “go big or go home”, with most films either hitting exceptional opening day figures or disastrously forcing the audience to stay at home. So when you decide to reflect on the year back–and perhaps invest some time in catching up on your Bollywood–allow us to help save your time, money and cringe quota with the following list of the worst ten Bollywood films of this year (in no specific order).

Photo: UTV Motion Pictures

Thank You
As if the ghissa pitta (worn out) premise of three women swearing revenge against their cheating husbands wasn’t enough to keep you away, try adding a horrendous script, actors with zero chemistry, a nonsensical Mallika Sherawat item number, Sonam Kapoor’s monotonous acting and horrible gender stereotypes. To add insult to injury, Pritam’s music was also abysmal. Sorry, but it’s a solid “no, thank you” from us.

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