How Celebrity Tweeter Arnie Gullov-Singh Is Duh — Winning

Photo: LA Times

Photo: LA Times

Our attendance at the SAMMA Conference (South Asians in Media, Marketing and Entertainment Association) last week got us thinking. Who are some South Asian influencers we may not know about? Ever heard of Arnie Gullov-Singh, for example? Well surely you’ve heard of Charlie Sheen and Mariah Carey. What’s the correlation? As it would turn out, UK-born Gullov-Singh has been the driving force behind some of the most prolific social media campaigns today.

Gullov-Singh, known in some circles as “The Twitter King of Hollywood”, is the CEO of, where he develops and manages Twitter profiles for some of the most well-known celebrities in Tinseltown. Remember when Charlie Sheen started tweeting about tiger blood? ‘Twas actually the work of Gullov-Singh. Upon the request of Sheen’s management team, Gullov-Singh appropriated the infamous Twitter handle and broke records by gaining over a million followers in the first 24 hours, and an additional two million followers in the 24 hours after that.

If Sheen’s meteoric Twitter-rise isn’t enough, then take a look at the other celebrity handles Gullov-Singh’s team works on: 50 Cent; Mariah Carey; Paris Hilton; Snooki; Lindsay Lohan; Serena Williams; and even well-known companies such as TIME, Techcrunch and Newsweek. And the power tweeting is not just for fun, but also for pay — Gullov-Singh decided to combine narcissism with some cash: for each of the 1000+ celebrities on Adly, there are over 150 brands that are gaining celebrity endorsements from tweets such as Snoop Dogg’s below. Advertisers gain a wider reach by having celebs tweet about their products and, just like in the TV advertising world, twitterers get paid for their tweets too.

Image: Adly

Raised in the UK by his Indian father and German mother, Gullov-Singh graduated from the University of Bristol in 1994. In 2007 he was attending University of Southern California while working as the vice president of Product Management at Fox Interactive Media (after a two-year stint as senior product manager at Yahoo). Gullov-Singh soon became executive vice president of Product, Technology and Operations at FOX, working there for a few more years before creating Adly a little more than a year ago.

Keep an eye on this guy, as he continues to change the world of social media.


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