Atelier AZZA Debuts Monarch S/S 2012 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Ever experience those days when you spend countless hours perusing through your closet for the perfect outfit and come up empty-handed? A particular pair of pants is too casual, another dress screams fit for a formal. As luck would have it, Monarch — the debut collection of Atelier AZZA — just might be the ideal blend of minimalist with a hint of high fashion flair for every occasion.

The S/S 2012 line is designer Azeeza Desai Khan’s first outing as a creator and an artist, but what she unveiled at SAYWE and Divanee’s Fashion for Compassion evening during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week showed the detailing and refinery of a veteran: billowing garments, slim-cut separates, and intricately embroidered embellishments that rendered a cohesiveness to the collection.

Most pleasing to the eye was the embracement of color — the yawn-inducing safety of a little black dress did not feature among the more prominent hues of purple, rose and yellow. Editor’s Pick: The showstopper ensemble featuring a bejeweled bodice and empire skirt.

Atelier AZZA S/S 2012

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