Saudis May Have Paid Pakistan to Shelter OBL, CIA Says Drones Didn’t Kill Civilians | August 8-12, 2011

Lockheed M-21 Blackbird and D-21 Drone. Credit: Bill Abbott/Creative Commons

Lockheed M-21 Blackbird and D-21 Drone. Credit: Bill Abbott/Creative Commons

Life moves fast. News moves faster. American security analyst Raelynn Hillhouse believes that Pakistan sheltered Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad in exchange for Saudi Arabian funds. She put forth her theory in her blog where she claimed that an ISI spokesman tried to claim the reward for bin Laden’s head and said the Pakistanis were harboring him at the Saudis’ expense (1). For the first time in the country’s history, evidence of war crimes will be presented to a court in Bangladesh. About 3 million people were killed in the nine month war that led to the creation of Bangladesh in 1971. If the men in question are convicted, they will likely be executed (2).

No civilians were killed in drone attacks in the past year, according to a CIA claim. However, a new report from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism disputes this with statement that at least 45 non-combatants died in 10 drone strikes over the past year (3).

Two months after the murder of Sarfaraz Shah, which was caught on tape and widely circulated on the Internet, a verdict has been reached. Paramilitary soldier Shahid Zafar, the man who shot Shah point-black, has been sentenced to death, while the other six suspects will serve out life sentences. This is one of the few instances in which Pakistani courts have convicted suspects related to human rights abuse cases (4).

Led by Anna Hazare, a 72-year-old anti-corruption crusader whose five-day hunger strike forced the Indian government to take notice, thousands of Indians are protesting widespread corruption in their country. When the government presented the Lokpal bill–perceived as a lame-duck attempt to pacify opponents–the protestors responded by setting it on fire. As the debate continues, we are yet to see whether any significant anti-corruption legislation will be passed in India (5).

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