India Believes Mumbai Attackers Were Domestic, Pakistan Beefs Up Security in Karachi | August 1-5, 2011

Karachi skyline. Image: Kashiff/Creative Commons

Karachi skyline. Image: Kashiff/Creative Commons

Life moves fast. News moves faster. Afghanistan’s former spy chief, Amrullah Saleh, alleged that then-President Pervez Musharraf chose not to act on detailed tips pointing to Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts in Pakistan four years ago. According to Saleh, his team conducted village-to-village searches that determined OBL was not in tribal areas. He also implied that Pakistan’s government’s support of OBL prevented them from seeking him out (1).

India’s home minister told Parliament that he believes an Indian group carried out the triple-bombing in Mumbai on July 13. However, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack that killed 26, and evidence is inconclusive (2).

Dipu Moni, Bangladesh’s foreign minister, accused The Economist of waging a smear campaign against her country. Her reaction was prompted by a report that alleged India’s involvement in helping the Awami League to power, a move that supposedly improved relations between the two countries as well. Moni called the report “disgraceful” (3).

Following a bloody five days during which 58 Karachiites lost their lives, hundreds of paramilitary rangers took up posts throughout the city Wednesday. It is hoped that the presence of the troops will inhibit some of the violence, which arises from tension between ethnic and religious groups in Karachi (4).

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