Hina Rabbani Khar Stuns Indian Media by Being Classy

Pakistan's new Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khan. Image: Pakistan.gov.pk

Pakistan's new Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khan. Image: Pakistan.gov.pk

As she stepped off the plane, the Indians stared in awe. She was beautiful! Her hair glinted in the sun, from which she shaded her luminous eyes with oversized sunglasses. Her purse, an elusive Birkin, took the spectators by storm, leading them to speculate and criticize her choice of dress. For a moment, the national press paused, mesmerized by the image before them. It wasn’t a celebrity–Angelina Jolie must have been busy–but Pakistan’s new Foreign Minister, the 34-year-old Hina Rabbani Khar, who took office just last week.

According to the Express Tribune, the Indian media uncharacteristically took to addressing HRK’s (as she has been dubbed) sartorial choices. Headlines ranged from “Delhi gushes over new Pakistani minister” to “Hina Rabbani Khar’s date with India,” which may lead some to believe that her handbag was more important than the issues discussed by HRK and India’s SM Krishna.

For those, like us, who are as interested in Kashmir talks as fashion, here’s a rundown of the small–yet potentially significant–agreements HRK and SMK reached:

  1. People will be allowed to engage in trade across borders for four days, up from two.
  2. India and Pakistan will facilitate easier border crossing for Kashmiris on both sides.
  3. People will be allowed to visit Kashmir for tourism and religious pilgrimages, as opposed to the current policy, which only allows those with relatives to enter the region.
  4. Both countries committed to issue travel permits in 45 days or fewer, less than half as long as it takes now.

While it’s unfortunate that the Indian media focused more on HRK’s style than her substance, is it wrong of us to be relieved that at least they had good things to say? Regardless, here’s hoping that next time Khar makes headlines for breakthrough peace talks in addition to her stunning accessories.

Amina Elahi is Divanee.com’s Managing Editor. She maintains a Tumblr called Fontastic.

  • http://smsjokes.co.in Tintu

    I am unable to make out how she is representing her country and that too as foreign minister without much political background and her subject in education field is Hotel Management. It is surprising!

  • sohail

    @tintu, someone mislead you. she is from most powerfull political family in punjab with her father, uncle and grandfather being a core part of punjab and national assembly. upto a cetain point i agree with you because usually foreing ministers comes from civil service who are trained and groomed to be a professional. i dont think so it is going to affect her ability to handle the ministry

    • Amjed

      Remember, Z. A. Bhutto was the most successful FM and he was not a civil servant, and he was just 35 years old when he became FM.

  • Zeenat

    It’s embarrassing that a country where MOST people are not able to eat two meals a day is being represented by a woman whose purse costs a ridiculous amount of money. Pathetic.

  • tony

    What a beautiful woman she is :)

  • tony

    She should be Pakistan prime minister..everywhere talks will be of her beauty compare to what she does for her country…:)