Pakistan Vows to Fight Terror Despite Aid Cut, Mumbai Bombers Likely Had Training | July 11 – July 15, 2011

The Mumbai skyline. Photo courtesy of Niyantha, licensed under the Creative Commons.

The Mumbai skyline. Photo courtesy of Niyantha, licensed under the Creative Commons.

Life moves fast. News moves faster. Following a cut in US aid that equals nearly $800 million, Pakistan’s army spokesman said the military’s anti-terror initiatives will continue to function. In the aftermath of the US raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan, many in the American government question the relationship between the two allies. Some believe this cut–which equals about a third of security aid paid by the US each year–will pressure Pakistan to increase its anti-terrorism efforts.

Prior to bin Laden’s assassination, the CIA ran a DNA sampling mission disguised as an HIV vaccination drive in order to collect genetic material from his family members. Critics worry that news of this mission will make Pakistanis skeptical of actual vaccination drives in the future. To the east, Bangladesh and India are undertaking a joint census that covers the disputed areas along their shared border for the first time. This comes as the two nations work toward a deal to exchange the enclaves that are technically governed by either country but, in reality, remain lawless.

Comments by PPP member and Sindhi minister Zulfiqar Mirza regarding MQM party leaders resulted in violence that left 14 people dead. He also criticized Urdu-speaking emigrants, or mohajirs, which also contributed to the aggressive protests in Karachi, a city divided over ethnic, religious and sectarian issues.

Investigations into the three consecutive bombings that took place in Mumbai on Wednesday night indicated that the assailants likely had explosives training. However, no group has yet come forward to claim responsibility for the attacks and investigators have not identified any suspects.

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