Hot New Track: “Off the Handle” by Adil Omar featuring Xzibit

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At first glance, Adil Omar looks exactly like, well, what you would expect a guy named “Adil Omar” to look like. Tall, skinny, babyfaced, a little awkward. I mean, I think I have a cousin named Adil Omar (don’t we all?). 

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His Web siteTwitter and Facebook tell a different story, though. Here’s a guy who talks like a bona fide rapper — excess profanity, female body worship, general hateration. To be honest, he sounds like he’s trying a little too hard. After all, he is just a 20-year-old London-born kid raised in Islamabad.

But listen to his track and you’ll realize Omar is legit. He says he’s been writing since he was nine and recording since he was 13, and it shows. This is a catchy tune. Not only that, he partnered with Xzibit (who Omar said was “really fun and down to earth”) to beef the video up with some star power. (Don’t worry, Adil, we think you’ll have your own real star power soon enough.) And with lines like “Islamabad…Get up!…LA…Get up!…Can’t nobody hold me down,” this is a beat Pakistanis at home and abroad can really get down to.

Omar promises to release his songs for free until his album “The Mushroom Cloud Effect” comes out in 2012. Until then, make like us and check the Music section of his website for free downloads of all his songs so far — and do it quick. Trust me, you won’t want to be the last person to hear about Pakistani rapper Adil Omar.

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