10 Avant-Garde South Asian Fashion Designers

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari

It’s ironic that history can never really be history, since it somehow always finds a way of repeating itself and making its way back into the present. Recurring patterns, repeated actions, and trends all have a way of making history…once again. The same is true for the fashion scene;  it always repeats itself.  But, every time, it seems to always come back ‘remixed’.  Channeling previous styles and trends from the past, incidentally enough, is the best way to move forward. The prowess the fashion world holds is unparalleled to anything else – and when fashion designers present their haute couture collection every season, we can’t help but ouuu and ahhh Every. Single. Season. *Swoon* We know, we know… it’s just a ‘refreshed’ version of the outfit we bought last summer and spring and fall…but, but,  it’s Winter now! Fashion speaks so much about our individuality and has a way of captivating one emotionally — and financially. It’s OK that fashion repeats itself – it keeps making history…once again.

Truth is, designing new collections and pieces is nothing short of extraordinary. Even if it’s just a 2.0 upgrade from your skinny jeans to jeggings, the brilliance and concept behind each piece and trend is awe-inspiring. We are humbled to be graced with so much talent, creativity and hotness that makes & shapes our lifestyle and personality by fashion design all over the world. While NewYork, Milan & Hong Kong may be the leading fashion capitals of the world – India, Pakistan & Bangladesh are steadily ever emerging as fashion powerhouses, slowly being recognized internationally. A simple shalwar kameez, saree, and lengha have been remixed time and time again, but certain designers just know how to keep it avant-garde, editorial, and western while maintaining eastern traditional opulence and detail. It wasn’t an easy task, but we’ve narrowed down, and decided to showcase 10 of our favorite South Asian designers who embody the style, sophistication and forward thinking that we applaud.

Without further ado, and in no particular order: Haute Couture Hot off the Press. Here’s to a new era of history in the making.  {And we’d be OK if this look repeats itself}

Rajdeep Ranawat Couture {2010-2011}

The enchanted designs below feels magically surreal. Vintage European embroidery with rich vibrant color combinations, paired with raw silks and chiffon’s, all adorned with Swarovski Crystals – are just the bare minimum of Ranawat’s signature look. While these looks are inspired by nature, it’s not your run-of-the-mill use of florals and fabrics.  Ranawat, a graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, studied European embroidery in Paris, and then moved on to New York to design for big brands such as Nordstrom & Bloomingdales. Rajdeep Ranawat Couture began in 2004, and has been changing the game since. So feminine, so vintage-mod, and so innocently sexy. So everything that pushes fashion forward.

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