CIA’s Raymond Davis Acquitted in Pakistan Murder Case

Photo: E Pakistan News

Photo: E Pakistan News

The high-profile case of Raymond Davis has finally come to an end in Pakistan — but did the court get it right? Davis was freed Wednesday when his victims’ families accepted financial compensation in exchange for Davis’ release — reportedly $700,000 toward each family, totaling $1.4 million.

The case came under immense scrutiny when Davis, a CIA contractor, was charged with the murder of two Pakistani men in Lahore on Jan. 27. Davis said he acted in self-defense, claiming that the two men were trailing him — he said one even brandished a handgun at him. Pakistani authorities maintained that Davis’ story was not plausible, given both men suffered bullet wounds to the back. An additional Pakistani motorcyclist was struck by a United States government vehicle that had rushed to Davis’ aid — the motorcyclist, too, died of his wounds, while the driver is suspected to have returned to the U.S.

The case caught the attention of the entire world when the U.S. demanded that Davis be granted immunity, citing the Vienna Convention of 1961 which prohibits all diplomats from undergoing criminal prosecution. The people of Pakistan argued relentlessly that Davis’ was a case of clear murder, and justice would only be achieved through a fair trial.

Wednesday’s pardon is being seen by some as an attempt to alleviate the strained relations between the U.S. and Pakistan in the period following Davis’ arrest — the U.S. government relies heavily on Pakistan in its fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda militants in Pakistan’s northwest region. Pressure on the Pakistani government to release Davis further intensified when President Barack Obama called for Davis’ release last month, referring to the 36-year-old as “our diplomat“.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter said: “The families of the victims of the January 27 incident in Lahore have pardoned Raymond Davis. I am grateful for their generosity. I wish to express, once again, my regret for the incident and my sorrow at the suffering it caused.”


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  • Sameer

    This case yet once again highlights the duplicity and the bullying nature of Uncle Sam towards less powerful countries. How is he a diplomat? He, along with thousands of other non-declared US personnel are working in Pakistan for sham agencies doing God-knows what kind of work. These morons want Muslims to do more in the US while they have their own in Pakistan, seemingly above the law, carrying out tasks mandated by a president whose Peace Prize is the biggest joke only after the claim that Indian cricket team has fast bowlers.

  • live pakistan news

    We have no right to celebrate independence because we are still a slave and we take dictations from our lord America for every single issue in the country. As Raymond had allegations of double murdering and his act was strongly condemned by the whole nation, he was set freed. Imagine the intensity of heat and grief on the sad incident that wife of a victim committed suicide out of feelings of helplessness and despair from the justice delivering faction of the society. Religious groups and political parties pushed the families of victim to accept blood money referring it as a shariah law. At last but not least it was proven that money can buy you anything even pardon. It is shame for the whole nation that we have no dignity but compromises in life .we pardoned Raymond Davis for three lives but could not manage a pardon for Aafia for just attempt to attack on Nato officer. Shame, woe and curse many times on all of us for being sold out for dollars and humble slaves of America.
    Another victim of Raymond Davis found in a posh area of Lahore
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