The Newest Inception: Shahrukh Khan & Leo DiCaprio


Word in the ‘woods, Bolly and Holly, is that India’s greatest cinematic treasure, i.e. Shahrukh Khan, is collaborating with the ‘King of the World’ himself, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Khan, fresh off the red carpet and international success for his “My Name is Khan“, is slated to play the role of an underworld criminal in the upcoming (and only listed on IMDB pro), “Xtrme City“. A cross-cultural thriller stretching from the streets of Mumbai to the hard-hitting pavement of New York, SRK’s co-star is none other than three-time Oscar nominated DiCaprio, playing a police officer to Khan’s gangster.

Rumors have already abounded that legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese has come on board to co-produce along with “Kiss of the Spiderwoman’s” David Weisman. The screenplay has apparently been in production with experienced director Paul Schrader working in cahoots to pen the script with screenplay writer Mustaq Shiekh, writer of “Om Shanti Om” and, most recently, Khan’s personal biographer (Sheikh penned “Still Reading Khan”).

The Xtrme Team

Schrader was quoted as saying: “Spending time in India and working with a Bollywood talent like Shiekh has inspired and excited me to make a film accessible and meaningful to both Indian and American cultures.”


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